Thursday, January 3, 2013

inspired to


elizabeth st hilaire nelson
paper artist
her amazing work with collage-ing
is so inspiring to me
and why I felt drawn to
this lang calender

when you sit with it
you will soon see
beyond the sweet bird
to snippets
of postage
sheet music
a child's homework

captured and preserved

how i feel a stirring
of inspiration

exactly how that will
express itself remains
to be seen

inspiration abounds
and can feel like a slippery slope
when you begin to peruse
the internet

i'm not a pinterest gal
but i am a blogger
who can
pin these little
that interest

a hodge-podge really
of things that caught my eye
on a recent
sitting at my desk

these darlings will
look adorable
out of my felted wool stash
a martha project
that i will make my own


then i saw these babies

New Year's Day
 a feast for the eyes

what is it about bacon?

i have successfully captured
its flavor with tofu
no joke here
when my boys tasted it
they wanted seconds
and it is super-duper easy
the recipe:

extra-firm tofu; drained and sliced thinly
a hot frying pan with 2T canola
get 'em frying
about 10 minutes on one side
4 minutes on the other
(you want them brown and crispy)
sprinkle all with
2T nutritional yeast
a few shakes of soy/tamari sauce
a few shakes of liquid smoke
serve it up

between pancakes
swimming in
maple syrup
you like it.

up next...

that's right.
from bacon to
sweating on the mat
no connection...

or is there?!

an ab workout
that claims to be the best
tone it up

 i stumbled upon it
at a blog called
the stirring place
which has a video clip you can
but you'll only reap the benefits
if you do

while there
check out what's stirring in
 faith's kitchen
so good
it got her doing this workout
to compensate...
sounds familiar.

and so it's
a month to
curl up
with a good book
and treat her
the good friend
she is.


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