Tuesday, January 15, 2013

the shift


gathered around the table
with good food
and lively answers to the question
how was your day?

 Out to dinner with mom
and sisters
sipping on fancy drinks
at a table that is filled with
an endless stream-of-conscious
kind of discussion 
complete with
belly laughs
and tears
while sharing the
what have you been up to latelies?

These moments of open
leave me hungry 
for more.

Maybe because I am aware of
the shift
the phenomenon
like the sly blamb
has crept into my life
in a most
troubling way. 

 Stark contrasts.
In the span of one day.

a taking care-of-business call
where I am pushing buttons
as directed
 to different
and in the end I get
the recorded message 
(a pleasant robot voice)
telling me 
my concern will be processed
have a good day

 Stopping at the library
to return and pick-up books I reserved
With the newly installed
self check-out
that allows the librarians
to do...
whatever it is they do back there.
I can now do their
old job for them
without even a
good day

how convenient

The grocery store...

Now flash back to the dinner 
I was discussing earlier.
the talking
the laughter
the tears.

To return home to my family
One is upstairs playing
a video game
The other two are
the television is playing
a re-run
#2 son is also texting or
playing a game on his phone
hubby has his laptop
open to
very important work
I'm sure. 

A lot of noise.
All are quiet.

It's true.
It has insinuated itself
right here in my
living room.
I could lie and say
this was a first
but I think we all know better.

We can call these little
time suckers
budget busters
but in the end I can't help but ask
the age-old question

are we gaining or are we losing

Turning to myself
what I have allowed to happen
(never underestimate mom power)
Those dinners at home around the table
have found their way into the
living room
watching re-runs.

is a new day.
I feel a shift coming on.

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  1. Good for you! I'm just about ready to enforce the "no phones or devices" rule for our dinner time, too! I've tried talking to Maggie, but it's a very one-sided conversation. :)