Saturday, January 12, 2013

market bag makeover :: an apron's story

A fun weekend project.

Start with an old market bag...

that has seen a better day...
or one of the dozens
you have acquired.

With scissors or a seam ripper
finish what has already
begun on its own
(tisk-tisk...the construction
these days!)

This is what you're left with.

Separate the center seam 
as well
and then you'll have
two pieces to work with.

Remove one handle
and cut the extra
from the bottom of each.
 You're left with all the 
pieces you will need to 
construct your apron.

Pin the portion you'll be
using as the top
a bit narrower
than the bottom or skirt
of the apron.
Here mine is pinned together.
One tie is formed from the extra handle
the other from the two
bottom pieces we removed earlier

The double peace sign was a bit much
so I just flipped the bottom 
section around
(easy enough during the design and pin stage)

The try on.
I'm lovin' it. 
(You gotta love it when an idea
pops in your head and comes together so

Off to the sewing room we go.
Using white thread
for contrast
(and because I was out of blue :)

 I hemmed all the raw edges
on the top or bib portion
of the apron.
Same with the bottom.
Sewed top to bottom.
Since one of the ties were already finished
I just made the other...
sewing the two cut-off pieces 
together and creating the tie by rolling
in the edges and giving it a double top stitching.
Attached the ties
and arranged the pieces together
in a pleasing way.
Having it close at hand
and ready for service.

Making the transition from
kitchen to table 
a bit neater.
(I get pretty messy)

The transformation from
market bag to apron...
way cool.

I'm going to call this
 a re-purpose

Have fun with this one...
and please send me pictures
of your 
market bag creation.

Happy Weekending!


  1. this is really cool! Thanks for sharing. Now, which bag will I choose...

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. Would love to see your take on the market bag apron :)