Tuesday, January 22, 2013

baby it's cold...

It's hard to capture cold.
Hard to show in a picture
booger freezing temps
in the single digits.
Wind chills
in the negatives.
The dogs are staying
all day long
as is their fragrance.
are working overtime
to counteract
the static effect...
crazy wild hair
zapping each other with a kiss
sparks flying
when you scootch on the couch!
Back a few months
my hubby shared the news
that he (we) had won a trip
to the Dominican Republic
because he had such a good year
in sales.
a work-fun (an oxymoron for sure!) trip
to a resort local
that had me dreading the day.
I don't own a resort-style wardrobe.
Active mom-style...
As the day nears
I have acquired a few
last year mark-downs
a this year swimsuit
a few attic finds.
Fast forward
or would that be
flash back(?)
to today's frigid temperatures
and you know what?
I think that chaise lounge
has my name written
all over it.
it's gonna be tough
but I'm willing to
take one for the team.
I'm beach dreaming!

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