Saturday, January 5, 2013

still life

the pause.
the freeze frame.
that weird week between
christmas and new years
(until schedules resume!)
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where real time ceases to exist.
if you follow any blogs
then you have surely read about
this anomaly.
or spoke with a friend.
each has their unique take on it.
for some it is a glorious
break from pace
others feel a little lost
wandering aimlessly
some may find it expresses itself
as a continuation
of the previous month...
filled with more malls
more food
finding it hard to
each year seems to yield a vastly
different feel for me
none stranger than this
it is reflected in those around me
feeling a little numb
finding we have successfully
exchanged our days
for nights
nights for days
can't wait to see how this
effects our school time
our meals have taken
on a time of their own
breakfast at noon
(if we're up by then)
lunch around 3:30
dinner at 9
i could look at it and say
 we are eating
when we're hungry
a good thing
i know...
i'm digging deep for that one.
the only days i can relate to these
are back when we first had
our babies
and my hubby would come
home and i would
proudly announce
i got a shower in today!
and that would be my greatest accomplishment
and somehow
it was enough
i will glean from that experience
we have seen our way
through some tough times
happy holidays
i will no longer ponder
 the why of this break we're taking
i will be gentle
i will lift a prayer of thanks
for a time well deserved
for this warm
outflowing of 
and strength
for the granting of
still life.

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