Friday, May 24, 2013

nature's heartbreak

This is not for the faint of heart
or the weak in spirit...
this cleaning of outdoors
that will change with the wind
as the maple decides
like a little joke
that this is the night to drop its

have a rule...
Don't clean your windows
until the cottonwood
has dropped its

Save yourself from doing the job

But as the weather warms
and the sun shines
its hard to hold-off
on some of the jobs you want to have done
before the heat of summer
saps your energy.

And so
you clean house
and invite unregistered guests
to come for a spell
with enticing accommodations.

They take the hint
but prefer their own

Thank you very much!

A good
location for her babes
to grow until they're
ready to
leave the nest.

She chose wisely.

Another robin did not.
Unfortunately for her
she decided my dryer vent was an
ideal location
for nesting.

With care we removed the nest.
we gave it a relocation
with its 6 precious
robin blue eggs.

I was concerned.
As any good hostess would be.

"you live here now..."

Joe cleaned the air vent
but when he heard
a clunk and roll
was sure one of the
eggs got away.
I agreed that
this must have been the case
my clothes began to reek
as they came from the dryer.

We had a big job ahead
that involved
power vacs
leaf blowers
power tools.

No egg was found.

This is where the story takes a turn for
the morbid.

After removing the back of the dryer
we found the stink source.

Let's just say mama bird
must have been in her
nest at the time
of our relocation
and flew away from the light.

It was a sad night here
at the Ondrus home.

Joe said he thought we should put a screen
over the outside opening
to prevent such a
horrid accident from happening again.

Good idea.

Or add to the waiting list
that has come from living in these parts:

Wait for the whirlie birds to fall
before cleaning the deck.

Wait for the cottonwood to fall
before cleaning windows.

Wait for the eggs to hatch
before clearing-out nests.

Learning the hard way.

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