Tuesday, May 14, 2013

vegan minute meal

I'm talking tasty and fast...
for today's dinner
and tomorrow's

Check your frig and freezer
for what veggies you have on hand.
I find I like to have at least
three colorful choices.

This day I used
grated carrots
shredded red cabbage
frozen broccoli

more veggies...less pasta.

I used udon noodles
and in the last 3 minutes of boiling time
I added the broccoli

Drain well 
and toss everything together.

Make a dressing.
Head on over to
Beauty That Moves
(see sidebar)
where Heather
has posted her recipe for Lunch Box Noodles
in a recent post...
 the very recipe I base this meal on.

Over time I have tweaked it
and used different dressings
by basically
using what I have available.

Top with nuts or seeds of your choosing
to give it a nutrient boost
and a bit of a crunch.

ring the dinner bell!

Bon Appetit!
(on the quick)

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