Monday, May 20, 2013

vegan workshop 2013

The 30 Day Vegan Workshop begins today.
(Go to Beauty That Moves on my sidebar)

Day One.
Sat at the computer
with anticipation
for our first weeks recipes...
love building my repertoire.

As many of you know
I follow a
90/10 vegan lifestyle
which began last year with
this very workshop.

For the next 30 days
I am committing 100%.

This is a self-motivated goal.
Many others (from all over the globe)
are taking this course
with very different
or none at all.
As we each tell our story
we grow closer
and become an on-line community of
kindred spirits.
How wonderful is that?
So if you are joining me today
from Heather's
30-Day Vegan Workshop...
please take a moment to say hi
and tell us about your motivations.

My intention here
is to share my 
challenges and victories
as I take
this journey.
My family will
be tagging along
since I am the main chef of the household.

No Complaint Dept. here.

My theory
(homeschool in action)
if you don't like what I'm fixing
you better get
busy in the kitchen!
That's a form of
As you've been reading
I have been building
a wrap
starting with hummus
I made last night with my Nutri-Bullet.
Next up...
slivered yellow pepper
mixed salad greens
carrot ribbons
sliced cherry tomatoes.

Paired with
a cup of 
Post Punk Kitchen's
Black Bean (and some white cuz that's 
what was in my cupboard)
and Quinoa Soup.
An apple for dessert...
and my husband has a delicious
he wants to get on-board with me.

Now I don't normally
pack his lunch
since I believe everyone
needs to 
make their own choices
I woke at an ungodly hour this morning
and decided to be loving.
That's a choice as well...
now isn't it?
Choose love.
For day one...
that may very well be
my greatest accomplishment.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Visiting from heather's workshop. This is the second year I'm doing this, my goal is to keep at it and incorporate more meals in my rotation. Wish someone would make me a lunch ;) I bet it was tasty!!