Thursday, May 9, 2013

road warrior

Spent the weekend in
for my nephew's graduation
with Mom and the two boys.
Hubby stayed home. 
Enjoyed some fun family time
with hikes
good food
a bike ride
that took us (me & my bro-in-law, Ed) through
The day was rainy and cool
the trails were wet and muddy...
(who ever decided that
back fenders were a bad thing?
we need to talk!)
 I felt every bit
the road warrior
at the finish line.

I have always been an advocate
of what I call
functional fitness.
having the necessary strength to
haul mulch
run across the street
carry in groceries
get up those flights of stairs...
completing with ease those daily activities that
cross your path...
and when all is said and done
you aren't left huffing and puffing
as you try to recuperate.

Functional Fitness
means keeping your body well tuned
well fed
and ready for just about anything.

To achieve that
it is key to
include activities
that you enjoy...
not just those that you 
think you should do
(aka...going to the gym)
but those that call you from bed
and you can't wait to get at.

Mine change with the seasons.
Right now I am walking/jogging
with James
who has started a fitness and nutrition plan
all on his own accord...
the best/only/successful way
  if you think about it.

I keep free weights handy
for when I'm just
sitting around
and I can bust out a few

Followed by some crunches

I have stopped by
Tone it Up!
with Karena and Katrina
who offer fun encouragement
with videos
and nutrition tips.

I was there yesterday and found
last night's dinner.
Bikini Taco Bites.
Loved this idea.

Serving taco "stuff" in lettuce leaves.

First make
 quinoa taco filling
Mine included cooked quinoa
sauteed mushrooms and onions
black beans
taco seasoning

Offered traditional toppings
which included
black olives
"vegan" nacho cheese sauce (PPK)
chunky salsa
The first "taco"
got a bit messy since I was
using romaine.

The solution
to put all your fillings in a bowl
and place spoonfuls in the leaves...
as-you-go style.

Had to post this one
because of its rave reviews.

Go visit
Tone it Up!
for the full recipe
and while you're there
get in a quick arm workout
for the
tank top days ahead.
(you'll find more on You Tube)

Because you never know
when you'll be required
to bike 21 miles...
hike hilly terrain
scrub a deck!
you better be ready.

Stay Strong.


  1. Thanks for this post! It motivated me to get out and walk the trail this morning. And maybe, just maybe, it'll even get me motivated to use that purple bike! LOL

  2. Made the quinoa taco filling for friends last night. Everyone loved it!

  3. Thank you for letting me know. I used this same concept...lettuce shells...using a kidney bean filling/dip recipe and topped with what was in the frig. I will have to post that one for you was great. Enjoy your weekend good hearing from you.