Tuesday, May 7, 2013

step one

For Mother's Day
Mom requested that her
me and my six siblings + spouses
(so I use that word loosely)
stain her much loved 
deck and gazebo.

I signed up the Ondrus Gang to do the prep work
otherwise known as 
cleaning the deck.

After careful research 
and amassing tips
I have decided on a homemade solution
to get the job done in the most 
safe and effective manner.

It's recommended to do this project
in the Spring or Fall
on an overcast and cool...
rather than sunny and hot
giving the cleaning solution
ample time to 
do its thing
before drying too quickly.

sweep and attend to 
problem areas...
give the wood a good 
as well as nearby plants
to protect any delicate foliage.

let the fun begin!

In a 5-Gallon bucket mix:
2 Cups Tide
1 1/2 Cups Oxy Clean
2 Gallons Warm water

Use this cleaning solution to scrub
all surfaces...
I read it is a great all-purpose
cleaner for outdoor furniture
as well.

Allow solution to sit for about
15 minutes.
Scrub again...
if needed.

Hose down
with a regular garden hose
(power washes can
damage wood.)

Allow to dry completely
(3 days)
before following with
stain and sealer.
(The brothers are doing this portion)

The cleaning can be done up to
one month prior to

is overcast 
with temps in the mid-60's.
All supplies are being gathered.
The necessary
attitude is going strong
with dreams of including my 
much neglected deck.
is the day!

Wish me luck.

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