Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Birds and Thank-yous

This morning I woke up to this sweet bird perched on my windowsill... I love that little bird...I'm seeing him everywhere these days...on fabrics, graphics, and blog spots! I just never tire of his sweet song. None can compare to the one outside my bedroom window however, who gently welcomes the day...announcing that Spring is on the way. Still, as I stood looking out my kitchen window, sipping my first coffee on this cloudy day in March, this birdie greeted me and oh, what a welcome sight he was! He was lovingly stamped and made into a "piece of art" didn't have to but I'm glad you did... thank you card. I crafted cards long enough to know the work involved in making them. So, this is a thank you for the beautiful thank you card! I'm not as good as I should be at sending timely thank-yous which is why I can appreciate those who are. In fact, this is a thank you to all of those who still send the thank you. I for one hope it is a nicety that never goes out of style!
Thanks Lynn, I hope you enjoy the lipstick as much as I am enjoying your card!

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