Friday, March 26, 2010

Butterfly Revisited: Project #2

Is this image bringing on the feeling of dejavu? Don't be alarmed. If you've been following my blog (thank-you for that) then you may recognize her from my "Cowgirls and Indians" post where she was metamorphosed from fluttering on old bed linens to dancing on the Read-to-me-Dreamland Tepee.
The scraps (that of course I did not throw away) were calling me again. Due to the fact that this fabric was well used and laundered repeatedly, it was incredibly soft and silky. Like tanning leather, wearing/using cotton properly yields the softest fibers. Ever notice how soft your sheets become over time?
This got me to thinking...if you can't sleep ON them sleep IN them! And the-much-needed-because-my-personal-stock-is-way-low-lounge pant was created.
I've been reduced to taking my own photos in mirrors lately because my personal photographer (son James, age 11) has been on hiatus! Actually, he's been asking for a pay raise and we're still in negotiations. Strangely, I like the mirrored effect.
Back to the pant...
Not only are they silky-soft against my skin, they are so cool and groovy...don't you think? And that buttery color is absolutely yummy. It's true what they say, butter does make everything look (or is that taste?) better. I surround myself in that color. Seriously...the paint on the walls of my main floor is guessed it...Buttery.
On gray March days like yesterday, it gives the illusion of sunshine. I'll never forget the day we finished painting the living room and our son Jacob walked in and said, "It's like a big hug of sunshine!" Exactly the look I was going for.
I'm writing this entry early in the morning here in Michigan...looks like a blue sky out my window...I think it's going to be a sunny day...YIPPEE!
Hope your day is filled with beautiful butterflies and buttery sunshine.
Thanks for dropping by.

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