Thursday, March 18, 2010

Who's Afraid of Jigg's Dinner?

I did it. I stared down a fear and kicked it to the curb. For as many St. Patrick's Days that have come and gone, I have wanted to make a Jigg's dinner. Due to fear and possibly ignorance it never happened. I know a boiled dinner doesn't sound daunting, but the mere mention of the meat...corned beef...sent chills! I come from a large family and I don't recall mom ever preparing it. I think I would remember that sealed package of red bloody mystery meat. Let's face it, it doesn't look like something you'd give the dog. But alas, I have had a great Jigg's dinner once in my church, prepared by June Hawkinson. For me, it's all about the cabbage. I love cabbage in all forms, particularly when soaked in brine and called sauerkraut. June's cabbage was delicious and this had to have been 15 years ago at least...quite a lasting impression. I bit the bullet, purchased that package of mystery meat, and headed to Armed and dangerous, I prepared it just as a reviewer recommended because I've heard throughout these many years that beer is the key. (Note: Not from June mind you, but from other much braver souls than I.) After rinsing the meat thoroughly! and boiling it in the H2O and beer for 3 hours, I added the carrots, potatoes, and finally cabbage.
The Result:A little anti-climatic. Everyone had seconds, except James who said, "You don't have to add this one to your recipe box."
This post isn't really about the mediocre Jigg's's about facing those stupid, irrational, often times ridiculous fears. The meal was a breeze. What was stopping me all these years, from even trying? I eyed that illusive recipe down and I showed it who's boss.
Next year I will make another Jigg's dinner. Between now and then I will track-down June's recipe to share with all of you.
Saving Grace.
Oh man...I went all-out on the bread. I was in the Sylvania area yesterday and I stopped at this bakery that I've always wanted to visit, but I'm normally too busy. What can I tell you, it was a day of firsts. They have samples. Warning: Once you've sampled you are bound to buy...which is exactly what I did. Garlic Cheese Bread served with the meal and Apple Crumble for dessert and breakfast this morning.
And of course, a beer for the Irish in me.
Not your typical St. Patty's Day ale...but my personal favorite.
A slice of green lime.
Chick-sized for spring and summer.
So, what's holding you back in the life?
Isn't it high time you show it who's boss?
"Nothing is impossible in Him."

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