Saturday, March 27, 2010

Another Fabulous Find

Do you ever look through your wardrobe and think it could use some help? I had such an experience recently and wouldn't you magic, an Eddie Bauer catalogue arrived in the mail just in time to rescue me...with a spring sale to boot! I don't usually buy a lot of trendy clothes, I make those. What I needed were some solid classic pieces. I own three of the Eddie Bauer wrinkle-resistant shirts that I received as gifts over the years. They wear like iron and the fit is great. Two colors I decided my wardrobe was lacking were light blue and plain old white.
What luck...
American Classics...that's what I'm looking for. Then I checked-out the price...$49.50! That's steep. But wait...if I buy two I save $10 each. Let's stop for a minute and do the math. $39.50 + $39.50 = $79.00. OUCH! As you might have suspected by now, I'm all about the bottom line. That bottom line is rather about junk in the trunk! Plan B: While looking around my favorite stomping ground Savers, I had the genius idea to see what they had to offer in the way of shirts.
I found this!
Small things like this make me so happy. I'm wearin' a BIG smiley face. No, it's not Eddie Bauer, it is Express Design. It is wrinkle-resistant. It is the light blue I was looking for. It has a flattering V-neck favorite. It is brand spanking new with extra buttons and everything AND it cost me $5.99. Pause...I just saved $43.50! Side by side. There's no comparison. I think you know what I did next... I recycled that catalogue. Now I'm on the hunt for a plain old white shirt. It wasn't at Savers today...maybe next week!

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