Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cowgirls and Indians

My little cowgirl turned 1 yesterday. She was a Friday the 13th baby. I know what you're thinking...uh-oh...right? Well, she took that old-maid tale and single-handedly tore it to sheds! She is the sweetest little girl on the planet...and I would say that even if I weren't her grandma. Turning one is a BIG deal in these parts. I went all-out with Old Maid New. Here's a sneak preview...Shhh...don't spoil her surprise.
Cowgirl gone groovy.
Check-out those boots. Aren't they adorable! I found them at Savers on a half-price day for...drum roll, please...$1.25! They are light weight and look like the designer brand my sister Mary wears...what's that line??? Hannah Banana...that's not me out here!
The swirly skirt is a complete re-do from a vintage woman's skirt I purchased in Indy with the aforementioned sister. It's the third project I made from that one skirt!
The shirts are "groovied" up. She's gonna be one cool cowgirl.
Then a little butterfly captured my heart (Same day at Savers), and the read-to-me, dreamland tepee was created.
Bed linens with a new purpose.
Here's a view from the inside looking up.
...and looking out.
Filled with Classic books I found at our local used book store, A Novel Idea. Madeline, Beatrix Potter, Illustrator Eloise Wilkins...and even a lantern to read or dream by.
A first birthday wouldn't be complete without the classic Fisher Price Popcorn Popper. Savers again for $1.50! (Credit goes to Uncle James for finding it...he's a great bargain hunter.)
The only thing missing here is a picture of Kierstin...that will be rectified soon.
Happy Birthday, sweet baby Kierstin!
Grandma Loves You.

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  1. Hanna Andersson! And that is one cute outfit for our sweet little Kierstin! Tell her that Tante Mary will wear her own kickin' boots and twirly skirt and we can be cowgirls together in that ADORABLE tent!