Monday, August 29, 2011

Nice Wheels

I broke every rule in the book...
well, excluding the Thursday-Friday rule.
Garage Sale 101
will tell you to pre-plan...pre-price...
advertise...display creatively...
and so much more.
To which I turned up my nose and said, "Bogus!"
Now I'm $58 dollars richer.
See where cocky will land you?
Next time around I will follow their advice to the letter.
I have had very successful sales in the past.
I thought people would show...just because.
To keep James occupied
(for lack of customers)
a neighborhood friend hung out with him.
Baillie showed up riding this...
I had to take pictures...
it was the highlight of our day!
(She refused the photo op)
This ride brought back a few memories.
Especially that banana seat...
although the velvet is an up-grade.
Loving the details...
like I said, I had some time on my hands.

James gave it a test drive

and looked like a fish out of water... as they say.

Couldn't quite figure out those cruising handlebars.

A cool ride for a cool chick.

Thanks Baillie...
for being a good friend.
Now I'm going to buy a coffee with my profits!

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