Monday, September 5, 2011

Failed Attempt

Fun none the less.
We had the desire...
we had the ambition (in spite of the rain!)...
we had the technology.
So it wasn't for lack of trying.
The boys constructed the perfect fire pit
with spare bricks from the yard.
Rudy got the new trash can
that I scrubbed and bleached.
(as instructed online)
And while they stoked the fire... (and built an awning to keep it going) I was in the house cleaning corn...
scrubbing potatoes...
chopping carrots and onions...
cutting cabbage into wedges and topping it
all with smoked sausage!
Poured 2 bottles of beer and 1 bottle
of water (per online recipe)
over it all and put the lid on.
Hobo Dinner

The fire heated up nicely.

Steamed cabbage wafted through the air.

As soon as I saw the steam shoot

out the top...

I set the timer for 2 hours...

(per online recipe)

That fire was red-hot...

just like the recipe said it should be.
Maybe a wee bit too hot.
I spared you the burned dinner picture...
anti-climatic to say the least!
I should have pulled it off the fire when I
noticed the change in fragrance...
yummy to smokey...
But NO! the recipe said 2 hours and
two hours it must be!
Most families would say
"It's pizza night!"
Not us...
we salvaged what we could
and ate the much anticipated meal.
Some even fibbed and said it was good.
Ah's all about the process...right?
(Hobo dinner recipes welcomed)

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  1. Jenny ... it's Ed.

    Is the Monroe County Health Department aware of your culinary practices?