Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Morning Routine:
The pit stop...a quick straightening up...
get the coffee going...
head to the living room where the couch
is molded perfectly to my rump.
To plan the day ahead.
Study. Sing.
Today...after that first sip of coffee...
after the prayers...
I found myself reflecting further on Luke.
That'd be Luke of the Bible...Luke.
One of the main focuses of my Beth Moore weekend.

"An individual calling can only be fulfilled in a we context."

Luke was intimately familiar with this concept.
In the Book of Luke...which he penned...Luke is never mentioned.
Even more intriguing...
in his Book of Acts...he finds a sense of belonging.
"Paul and his companions travelled...when
they came to the border...they tried to enter...
the Spirit of Jesus would not allow them to...
so they passed...
we got ready at once to leave...
God had called us to preach the gospel..."
Acts 16: 6-10

Moving from they to we.

I felt that belonging...one of the group...
as I sat in a sanctuary surrounded by 250 women.
Women are emotional creatures.
I saw hugging, crying...
heard laughing and singing.
I felt a softening in my own heart.

That's a tough one for me.
I live in a house filled with boys!
Too Cool To Be Blessed
Beth pointed out that often times we stand
in our own way.
So self absorbed.
How can we help it when we are constantly in our
own heads?!
I don't know about you, but mine is loaded down
with personal dialogue and commentary...
all day long.

I was able to let go of myself long enough
to feel the we.

Let's face it...we don't like looking stupid!
But as Beth pointed out...
we can guard our dignity right out of our epiphany.
Even with our approach to the Word.
We may leave our churches with thoughts like...
I didn't get anything out of that sermon...
what was up with that music?!

Have you ever opened your Bible...
"Surprise me, Lord!"
Approaching The Word to hear what He has to say?
Taking me-me-me out of the equation.

The women in attendance were at the simulcast
to hear the Word.
They sang praises...raising their arms...lifting their voices
to God. And when all was said and done...
we left feeling renewed in the Spirit...
and connected through the experience
we shared.


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