Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Pickers In Town

We all need our little reminders.
This was mine...
At a prominent location...
laptop central.
We had a.m. plans to travel our area
on garbage day to see what we could find.
Bessie was ready and our spirits were high!
Our goal was to find metal for scraping.
But when I spotted this cool blue table
along side the road I had to
pick it up.
The window was another find...
I have plans to build
some cold frames for cool weather
so the window was a great discovery.
It will serve as the roof to my little
That table is a beauty...
Right down to the orange painted liners.
Sure some hardware is missing...
but I will have this
beauty up and running
in no time.
We cranked up the music and high-fived
our success.
Driving down the road
we spotted another table...
With four chairs... Looking old and oh, so intriguing.
I couldn't let this beauty
go to the dump.
There was nothing wrong with her!
Nothing that a little TLC couldn't cure.
Load her up!
Next up...

Second cousin to the door

so you know I couldn't pass these by.

I'm already planning their future.

We re-learned a few things.

That old adage...

the early bird catches the worm...

had once again proven itself to be true.

We, The New Kids on the Block...

encountered "Mr. Experienced" who was loaded to


He gave us a nod and a wave...

and a smirky smile as he drove by.

I could imagine him saying,

"Move it along...this is my territory!"


he didn't see the value of our picks...

He was of "metal only" mentality.

What? Didn't he see the metal table top?

Bad for him...good for us!

There's no way this one's

getting scrapped!

It's a keeper.

All in all it was a great day to be a picker.

File this one under...

on the job training!


  1. I LOVE the table! What a great find! That color is perfect. Here's the cool website I told you about:

    She talks about her need for tables on her blog this week. Too funny!
    love ya!

  2. Jenny ... it's Ed.

    This looks less like TLC's 'American Pickers' and more like A & E's 'Hoarders'. Remember, Cari from 'Cash and Cari' acquires her stuff so she can re-furbish, re-purpose, and then ... wait for it ... wait for it ... sell it! Now there's an idea.

  3. Ed...I didn't know you followed my blog! Let me educate you. Hoarders collect anything and everything from gum wrappers to telephone books...pickers on the other hand, are salvage artists. They (I) would rather rescue a perfectly good piece than see it go to the dump! Rest will find a useful home. Thanks for stopping by...see you soon!
    P.S. I don't watch TLC or A&E like you do...I'm a History Channel subscriber.