Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hunter and Gatherer

First I hunt...
garage sales...resale shops...
my closet.
Then I closely inspect my finds...
for good quality construction.
Gather all my supplies
and Get Busy.
The essence of
Old Maid New.
Altered Couture.
Labelled conspicuously
so the customer understands exactly what
they are getting.
Some of the best
made better.

I love the way this shirt

turned out...

I was on the phone with my sister

while working...

(I'm not a successful


what I thought was a BIG mistake

resulted in this

very cool outcome.

Using a free


scary...but the walk on the wild side

paid off... my opinion.


going back to my safe

stenciling style...

For the more traditional

Old Maid New


These shirts were great finds

because they are longer

for layering


for staying in place

during down-facing dog.

In the studio or out...

looking good.

Looking unique.


Old Maid Cool.

The top is covered...

onto the bottoms.

The Yoga Pant.

With out-of-the-box


A row of altered clothing...

Available @

Harmony In Life.

Did I mention...

Harmony In Life

was rated Numero Uno...

That's No. 1...

Number One Yoga Studio

in the Toledo area?

The Best of the Best.

And that's where you can find

Old Maid New.
(shameless self-promoting...but
I'm just following
my boys lead!)

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  1. That t-shirt did turn out cool after all! You're welcome!