Monday, September 26, 2011

Young Scrappers

Joe and James Ondrus
Ambition ignited by a paycheck.
Young Scrappers
"We Collect and Haul All Things Metal"
The Logo on their business card!
Making daily runs and finding
valuable connections...
advertising and self promoting...
willing to work hard...
and always eager to please the customer.
No job is too small
too big.
A truck and a dream.
If you have anything metal...

Old dish washers...refrigerators...



(you get the idea...)

They can be reached at
An investment in the future!


  1. Last week, one of my neighbors freaked out because a man was picking through her garbage cans at the curb. She was worried about identity theft. I told her that because her lids were open and not closed, the cans were fair for picking. So just warn the boys...some folks may think their enterprise is nefarious! Love the business cards. You go, Joe and James! Love you!
    Aunt Mary

  2. Our experience has been quite the opposite...people have been pleasant and encouraging to the guys. Even giving them tips and advice! Two well-mannered, clean-cut young men in a nice pick-up...with their mom to anything but intimidating. Any true metal scapper knows that you NEVER rummage through garbage cans...only take what is visible is Rule No. 1! I am so proud of their ambition to take on this endeavor.