Monday, September 12, 2011

I And Love And You

This past Saturday I...
along with 179,999 women
and a few brave men...
went to hear Beth Moore speak at a
simulcast event.
180,000 women gathered together
to hear about
No bells and whistles...
lunch in a brown box...
Bibles and minds and hearts
open to the
Beth would be right at home at
my Mom's kitchen table
where the sisters gather and talk...and talk faster...
and talk louder.
Not only that...
but her thought process...
a kind of all over the place and still on point
type of thinking would fit perfectly.
She would say things that would make me laugh and say to myself...
I know exactly what she means
because I think that way!
These little tidbits...little gems...
are what I hope to share with you this week.
Thoughts that resonated.
The Thought For Today:
I and Love and You.
Beth pointed out how she has noticed
these three little words
have been condensed in our high speed twitter existence.
Love you...
or just love...
as a send off.
It's like saying...somebody might love you...
it could be me...maybe...maybe not...
but I'm sure somebody must love you.
The "I" gives ownership...
responsibility, and is ultimately
very vulnerable.
Risking not hearing it said in return.
I laughed. 179,999 women laughed along with me.
Making me believe that I'm not alone in my way of thinking.
We all understood...
because it was true.
I will say "love you" to my husband on the cell ...
or text "love" when I am ending an e-mail...signing a birthday card.
What happened to "I"?
Beginning today...
"I" will be put back into that equation.
Say it:
I and Love and You.
Leave out the "and's", but say them in your head
so as to pace it right.
Placing emphasis on each and every important word.
I (pause) Love (pause) You (smile like you mean it).

I Love You.

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