Friday, September 23, 2011

Rusty Can Candles :: Part 2

Rusty Can Candles...
These hefty 12 ounce soy candles
have a burn time of
80 hours! That's eighty hours of
beautiful Fall fragrance to fill your home.
When those eighty hours have come and gone...
what to do with the can?
You can recycle that can!
But before you do...
Why not extend its use and fill it with flowers?
A sweet farm fresh look
for Fall.
A touch of charm that will
put a store bought
to shame!
Simple elegance.
Get the neighborhood gang together
for a rip-roaring
fun evening of
Kick The Can.
Also know as Can Can, Kick-Can-Copper,
Tin-Can Bosher,
Tin-Tong Tommy, and
Kick the Bucket!
Regardless of what you call it...
Kick The Can is a great street game for a large group.

Quick Review:

Intended for 4 or more players.

You'll need a can and some chalk.

A small paved area with lots of running room.

Decide on boundaries...

keeping safety in roads!

Make a dot with chalk...

stand on the dot and take 2 giant steps.

Draw a circle from this point.

Place can on dot.

"It" stands ready.

All players stand on the circle.

At "GO!" the kicker runs into circle...

players run to hide...

"IT" runs down the can and replaces it on dot...

and yells "FREEZE!"

Those who are visible are captured

and must sit in the circle.

Unseen players are searched-out by it.

Tags them and they sit in circle.

If a player can sneak by it and

Kick The Can...

all are set free.

It must repeat all and play continues


all are captured.


if a player kicks the can

when there are no captured players.

That player yells...

"Home Free"

and the game is over.

Who would have thought...

an ordinary tin can could be so beautiful


so much fun!

Play friends!

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