Tuesday, February 7, 2012


My approach:
to dive right in and feel at home.

Whole Food Kitchen

To become intimately familiar with
kale (that's a vegetable...right?)
sucant ( a sweetener...I think)
and a whole world of foods that have
me stopping to ask the clerk
for directions!

But, with Heather Bruggeman to guide
and facilitate this process
through her gentle words of encouragement...
I feel confident in the outcome.

My Whole Food Kitchen is Underway!

 With weekly modules,
community forums,
deliciously new and strange (to me) recipes,
video how-to's,
and guest contributors...
it is like having my very own
Personal Whole Foods Trainer.

The aim...
Real foods that focus on

An opportunity to try new things...
think differently about how
I eat and what I feed
my family...
create a lasting change.

I dove right in and tried a featured recipe
Cauliflower Potato Curry Stew
by this weeks contributor,

A big pot of wonderful ingredients
that had me (and my gang)
experiencing exciting
flavors like
all quite new to my kitchen.

Here is the stew after adding
coconut milk.

The best part...
leftovers for lunch today!

Yesterday was day one in the
"re-writing of my food story."

Won't you join me?


  1. I recently used coconut milk for the first time in a curry squash soup, it was awesome! Definitely looking forward to all the new recipes this workshop offers!

  2. Your stew looks wonderful. I am also taking the course and shopping today at our local natural foods store.
    Looking forward to learning lots and sharing.
    Warm wishes, Tonya