Monday, February 13, 2012

monday reflections

We wanted winter
and we got it!
A few inches of snow and
a whole lot of cold.

Come on in
and warm your toes
by the fire.

Our dogs
Zoe and Buddy would
normally jump to greet you...
today they are relaxing
by the rays.

Excuse the mess...
but we are in that phase
of worse before better.
Canning jars drying...

Put to work
holding miscellaneous
grains and nuts.
With labels and everything!
Heather's Whole Food Kitchen
has me yearning for organization.

It also has me marvelling
at our ever changing
(Yes, those are Honey Nut Cheerios
in the background...
baby steps.)

Lots of dry beans.

Sesame Spinach Noodle Salad
for dinner this week...
the Japanese Udon noodles
that have never seen my pantry before now.
(Again, yes...those are Oreo
cookies on top...
I need to stage my pics better
next time :)

Did I mention...
Heather Bruggeman's
organized shelves...
I am a shade of envy green.


I could argue and say
I can find
everything I need.
But, in all honesty...
how often does one need to hold
onto pretty jars
because said person is sure to
make an Old Maid New
creation out of them?
From this angle,
my answer would be

Without nag...but plenty of mention...
my sweet man put the boys
to work emptying this area.
No small task.

Phase two...
going to Do It Best
for some paint with primer...
I kid you not...
a portion of our wall never saw paint
after a remodel...
wait for it...
over ten years ago!
Same can be said for the shelving
my sweet guy installed
shortly after that.

Here is the preview...
I bet your sensing a future post
coming on.

you are going to have to wait for it.

I have to add...
I forgot how much fun
working on a project together
can be!

Thanks for dropping in...
stop anytime.

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  1. I love the reality in your pictures. It's all about a gradual, baby step approach. Big points for the honesty.