Thursday, February 9, 2012

:: thankful ::

This morning I have a thankful heart.
Thankful for a warming fire.

Thankful for a drawer full of woolens.

 Thankful for blankets.

For the promise of a sun shiny day.

Thankful for the second story fireplace.

That first cup of hot coffee in my morning.

Warm fuzzy slippers on cold hardwood floors.

Yesterday afternoon
I was having a coffee and conversation
(we have a never-ending conversation)
with my sister Sue
when a
competed with our voices.
After a short search we discovered
it was coming from the furnace.
The short story...
a repairman will be visiting today.
Our temperatures have been very mild
this winter...but my, oh my, am
I thankful for flannel sheets.
It is 50 degrees in the house.
I feel like you should be able
to see my hot breath on the screen.
Those woolens we have been ignoring
are now getting used...
Blankets...snuggling...finding a sunny spot...
oh, and of course...
sipping hot coffee
are on my agenda until
Mr. Fix-It arrives.
Until then...
I will raise a prayer of thanks
for all things

1 comment:

  1. hope it didn't end up as a 'big fix' project! We've been turning off our heater each night to wake up in mid 40's to 50 degrees.

    maybe not the best way to save a pretty penny, I think.

    loved your post. I need to soak up some thankfulness for myself I think.