Wednesday, February 15, 2012

got milk?

Not your typical Love Day gift...
the Ninja 1000...
with my guys
it's all about the name...
and the power.

we got the power.

Whole Foods Kitchen
had Heather Bruggeman
whipping up
Pina Colada...Berrie Blast...and Green

Not to mention a tutorial on
making your own
Almond Milk.

We'll get right to that...
but first the kids were
begging for malts.
We had been without a blender
for a long time.

How could I refuse?
We had to break it in...after all.

Oh, and yes...we do have the power.
This beast gets the job done

Moving toward healthy
I turned to my handy-dandy
super organized
 (so unlike me, but I am loving it)
WFK 3-Ring Binder.

For step-by-step instructions.
Soaked those almonds overnight.
Couldn't wait to get started
in the a.m.

Showed those almonds who was boss.
The Ninja 1000 pulverized them.
Good work, Ninja!

Poured the whole shebang
into a cheese cloth lined bowl...

With very clean hands...
gathered it up
and squeezed out every
last drop.

Poured it into a canning jar
and now when the mood strikes...
I can have a malt or smoothie
with Almond Milk.

But wait!
What about the almond meal left behind?
Something new I learned...
it can be used as a base for many recipes.

Flour-less Orange Cake
found at
The family really liked the
moist consistency.

A real winner that comes highly
by me.

There was one mistake...
it makes 2-10" round cakes
rather than one.
More cake...
what a wonderful problem to have!

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  1. You do realize what I think of whenever I see that question? It's the LC in me :D