Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Sometimes life demands it.
Sometimes it just happens.
To think...last Tuesday was Valentine's Day.
What happened to Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...
the weekend?
A blur.
Driving in the fast lane can have that affect.

At the same time
trying to figure out how it all got done.

Emergencies cause that kind of living.
Everything put on hold...
knowing everything still needs to get done.

We do what we can
and prioritize the rest.

Let's not forget...
wonderful friends and family members who
help when you need them most.
Those times when you hate to ask...
and they are already busy doing.

When your husband
grabs hold of all the household
stuff and takes care of it all
with such ease.

Kids who step up and show
how much they have grown.

Brothers and sisters
who carry the load and worry with you 
so things don't get too

Hurry up and wait.
The rest will take care of itself.

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