Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the laundry basket

The first of February...
ever increasing daylight...
and this photo...
Things that make you
with a relieved exhale.
Now...I would like to direct your attention
to the
Recently, while sitting
at my sister Tina's kitchen table...
I mentioned wanting to make fabric baskets...
Do I have a book for you!
She always has the bestest books!
She was is her Tina way.
It's A Wrap
by, Susan Breier...
Sweet inspiration!
At home...
I began eyeing-up
my laundry basket.
Filled with denim scraps.
Now remember...
I am Old Maid New
and as I create
with worn denim...I can't bear to
part with even the tiniest
morsel of jean.
I know I will find a use for those zippers
as soon as I do.
Susan Breier
lit a fire of an idea!

First stop
the nearest hardware
Lambertville's Do It Best
for some cotton clothesline.
Back to my laundry heap.
I cut those scappy pieces into
uniform 3/4" strips...

And as best I could remember

from speed reading the directions...

started wrapping and creating...

a recycled denim

coil basket.
Sewed those wrapped sections

together using a

zig-zag stitch

and marvelled as the basket

took on its own unique shape.

I felt like a potter at the wheel...


letting the medium be my guide.

Very organic stuff here.

Observed periodically

as it began to


and find its shape.

It was calling for handles...

so handles it
had to have!

This first one is a keeper...
to hold knitting

To add to my collection
of favorite...
hand-crafted lovelies.

Such a beautiful creation...

yes... I said so myself.

Tis true, I speak of love...

it is February, after all!

Today's challenge...
create something
with your own two hands...
and one beautiful


  1. Awesome! And that photo of the clothesline was so pretty! Definitely worth the trouble! lol!

  2. This looks so cool. I really like the denim- especially the different shades flowing together. Now I have to think about how to meet your challenge today............. Love-Tina

  3. LOVE IT!!!!! Stopping by from whole food ws!

  4. love, love, love!
    Pretty please come teach me.

  5. That's the coolest thing I have seen in a while! Do you think that it could be hand sewn? I am constantly looking for baskets...I use them everywhere in my house!

  6. Sorry so late in responding Heather. I would suggest checking out the book mentioned in my post OR see what the web has to offer. I am sure you could hand sew...but even with the machine it took me a total of 4 hours to make. But it was a fun project. Thanks to all for stopping by!