Monday, January 30, 2012

the little things

Project Mode.
An area that had suffered neglect
in our house...
and has desperately needed attention
for some time...
got attention!
I ask you, women...
is there anything sexier than a man
in flannel...fixing a drip...replacing a floor...
getting the job done right?
Here's the only before shot I managed
to get before he got busy.
the before this before...
was even worse.
Step 1:
Empty out cupboard.
Tear out the existing floor.
Get needed tools...
take a few snapshots.

Step 2:

Measure twice...

cut once.

Replace the floor

with beautiful...clean...



I'm lovin it already.

My man is amazing!

That stubborn drip still lingered.

Step 3:

Fix that drip

once and for all.

Time to become

a contortionist.

I'm betting this job

ranks right up there


root canal.


I'm loving the view.
Especially when

asked for my assistance.

I'll get right on it...

after I capture

this great angle.

You guessed it...

he loved that one.
More posing.

He showed that drip

who was boss.

My man.

My sink man.


when he wears flannel

I call him

snow plow man.

(from a short-lived series...Men In Trees,

I had a bit of a crush on

snow plow man)

Step 4:

Get me out of the

kitchen so he can

finish what he started.

You just gotta love a man
with that work ethic!

Step 5:

Put down floor tiles

on a surface that sees

a lot of action.

The unveiling.

A thing of beauty!
When you stop to think
how many times you
open this cupboard...
to throw something away...
to get at cleaning supplies...
it just makes sense to make it
pretty and practical.
After all...
it's the little things
that make such a

Thank you, Snow Plow Man.
I Love You, too!


  1. It looks great Jen. And the Step 4 work ethic is of paramount importance. Great Snow Plow Man you have there. Hi Rudy {{{wave, wave}}}

  2. hahah! Oh goodness, there are so many quotes here that are absolutely perfect, but my favorite would be: "He showed that drip who was boss."

    I've been known to randomly want to change up the wall pictures just so Mr. Husband can pull out the hammer. Flannel shirt a must.

  3. I need to have the same job done in my kitchen. Do you rent him out???

    Looking forward to the Whole Foods Workshop:-)