Thursday, January 19, 2012

thursday thought

"Good teaching isn't filling
a bottle,
it's lighting a fire."
I found this while perusing the Etsy site
under the maple tree.
It was mounted on an original
archival print
with a wise old owl.
To which I add...
Today I will
keep that thought
front and center...
as I gently wake the boys from
their long winter
I have often felt
our home
closely resembles the children's story...
The Napping House.
Three are sleeping above.
Two dogs and a James,
buried under blankets
for warmth and a few extra zzz's.
light a fire.
Encourage a yoga session.
Stretch the body.
Stretch the mind.
That's my motto.
gather kindling.
Since I decided to join
a whole foods on-line workshop...
(which starts in February)
I've noticed my choices
have been healthier.
I'm dipping my big toe into
the idea of it.
Since mom is...
the whole family benefits.
Thinking fresh and simple.
strike a match.
Healthy bodies...healthy minds.
Avocados ready to become
lunch is set.
Thankful for blueberries
in January...
oatmeal never tasted so good.
blow gently on burning embers.
Thinking outside of yourself.
There is a whole world
of need.
Even the birds of winter
need to be remembered.
Add filling the feeders to our list.
add more fuel.
Get plenty of fresh air...
and don't forget to
say your prayers.
tend the roaring fire!

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  1. Visiting via Soulemama:
    What a great quote--thank you for sharing. And The Napping House is one of our favorites. So glad that I stopped by:)