Thursday, January 26, 2012

the clean :: the dirty

You can't escape it
for if you try
the job only gets larger.
With heaping mounds of clothing
trailing down the hall...
bedding after illness...
it was time.
Wouldn't you know...
out of detergent.
What are the chances...
that on this very day I read
a posting on
good earth living's blog
all about
Soap Nuts.
My family has sensitive skin,
especially during dry winter months...
I never heard of these natural wonders?!
I heard now.
I couldn't wait to try it...
had to run to
Bassett Natural Foods
and for $18.99
bought this box.
The muslin bags were right on top.
You see...
for those like me...
you secure 3-4 Soap Nuts in the bag
and toss into your washer.
(works with HE as well)
Re-use until the nuts
are no longer slippery when wet...
or they start to crumble apart.
Usually after the third or fourth load.
The Soap Nuts were much as expected.
it is never a good sign when the sales
clerk acts like she never knew the store
carried the item...and mentions
"they aren't very popular."
Makes one wonder...
is there a shelf life on these beauties?
good earth living
where I first read about them...
Laura Emily, a new ETSY shop keeper
(I added her to my blog list...
where there is a link
to her ETSY site)
shows the Soap Nuts she will offer
on Friday
(I was in a hurry to have mine NOW)
Her Nuts are admittedly much like wrinkled
prunes...though not as ancient looking as
(NO dirty jokes allowed)
I also received a surprise.
Soap Nut earings...
a gift with purchase.
Weird...but nice all the same.
I bet you're wondering...
did they work?
So good.
After the 3rd load I traded out the
Soap Nuts for
"Fresh" Nuts.
I used very little softener...
since I was warned by a repair man
that Downy...
and all softeners are the bane to
And the Soap Nuts offer
softening agents.
Cool stuff.
to the dirty.
I have invited you into my bathroom before.
It has all the necessary
Looks cute and clean.
I wouldn't invite you in if it weren't.
I am about to go where no others have gone...
talking daily deeds...
All you Whole Food Junkies out there...
You could have forewarned me!
Started eating whole foods
in preparation...preview...
of the class I will be taking in February.
Since I began this transition
I have been astounded...
by my
morning ritual.
Holy Crap!
My visits here are now
brief and to the point.
I feel ten pounds lighter
each time I leave the bathroom.
Whole Foods
have an amazing cleansing affect.
Must be all those good grains.
Like quinoa for instance.
moving right to the kitchen.
Gotta eat breakfast to refuel.
On tap...
Quinoa Pumpkin Pancakes
whole food mommies
(they gotta do something about that name)
It calls for quinoa flour...
grind quinoa in your flour mill...
like I have one of those!
I do have a food processor...
same thing...
I let it do its thing a good long time...
until it kinda
resembled flour.
Good time to
gather all the ingredients.
Lotta good stuff. Waited for a cake-like appearance
at the edges before
the flip...


They sure looked the part.


didn't taste the part.

A gripe of mine...

don't tell me it's good when

it isn't.

I want to go whole foods

I don't want to sacrifice flavor.


a miss here.

It filled the stomach...

it didn't satisfy the taste buds.

The dogs liked them...

so they aren't going to waste.

I am still stocking

ingredients to fill my pantry

with whole food choices.

Reading good, old-fashioned advice


Whole Foods For The

Whole Family...

a cookbook I bought like forever ago


La Leche League International.

To this day...

a go to cookbook with a

practical approach.


I must achieve a balance


good for you :: great tasting

or I will lose

my family.

Thanks for hanging in there with me...

as I strive to make this



  1. I know you'll hit that balance. When we were doing the raw food diet, I made some raw flax seed pancakes that everyone swore by, but I couldn't seem to make them look like anything other than what I might find in the cat litter. I guess it just takes experimentation and patience!

    I absolutely love that your soap nuts came with earrings! How funny is that? Don't expect earrings with my batch, sorry. :)

    You should think about doing the 10 Day Fast with me. There's something about detoxing the body that gets you in the mentality of health. Figuring out diets and meal plans work, what doesn't. Just a suggestion. ;)

  2. I haven't tried Soap Nuts, but I am intrigued. I appreciate the review. I love the color of your bathroom. Maybe it's time to repaint mine:)