Tuesday, January 17, 2012


i am in a funky...partly cloudy...
chance of rain kind of mood.
so enter at your own risk.
the weather is reflecting my mood.
or maybe i am a reflection of the weather.
a three day weekend.
holding so much promise...
the boys would be busy on a job with dad.
my days were open for...
get busy sewing up some of those
projects i've been thinking of...
replenish a depleted stock
for the shop.
i did make two zafus...
that's gotta count for something.
two down...
many to go.
i did practice the guitar.
these days i play to learn
new songs that weren't written by me.
i enjoy it...but at
the same time i feel concerned that
the music in my head has
quieted down.
too busy learning someone else's words...
my brain is clouded with their words...
their melody.
i can't help but feel i need to turn them off
so i can hear again.
calling to be studied...read...explored...
and yet my boys have been
reluctant to fully embrace the adventure.
like their mom, they feel the tug
of other interests
and aren't really fighting it.
like i said before
it is a hard concept sometimes.
to whom do you listen when your heart
feels like it isn't sure which
direction to take

instead of moving forward

you feel a bit trapped in the blur

wishing for clarity.


i will try to respect that wish.

i will focus my energies and

make that wish a goal

with directives

to make it happen.


i will pray.

and i will


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  1. I read your post after posting my own and thought "Wow, Jen and I are in the same place!" I've decided to start my own bible study at home this week. I'm going to pick up the new Beth Moore study, do it from home, and maybe even download the videos to watch, too. Want to join me? Love you!