Monday, January 9, 2012

Bottling Light :: Snowmen

Decorations are down...
immediately I crave the
twinkle of lights in the shadowy corners
on these long dark
nights of winter.
I really shouldn't complain
since our days have been
Hovering near 60 degrees.
But...those dark days will happen...
this I know...
just as I know that the
sledding snows my boys so crave
will also come...
hopefully not in March and April.
Until then...
now is the time to
This has become my January tradition.
As the colors of Christmas
are safely packed away in the attic...
I place colored glass bottles and
old jars
on the sill...
reflecting light and color.
capturing light.

bottling light.

It makes me smile when I'm making

my early morning coffee...

washing dishes...

getting a drink of water.

Smiling now

just looking at them.

Snowmen have that affect as well.

As the green and red come down...

blue and white appear.

The light enhancing colors of


here in the form of a snowman.

Standing guard

to block the cold drafts

from my front door.


with perpetual smiles...

on an old pot I painted many years ago...

waiting to store the

hats and mittens

that somehow multiply as the

temperature falls.

Greeting you as

you enter the bathroom.

It'd be rude not

to smile

But alas!

There is one remaining

strand of lights

left hanging around

to brighten

the mood.

Really now...

I ask you...

how could I possibly take that

beautiful, romantic glow


It isn't bothering anybody...

quite the opposite.

It stays!


as I said earlier

it is best to be prepared.
On those days

of darkness and gloom...

(maybe they wont come my way!)


Not today anyway.

I will turn to my

Happy Light.

Purchased at Costco...


to help those of us who tend to

suffer from


Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Imitating the white light

of sunshine...

happy rays...

happy days!

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