Thursday, January 12, 2012


This past summer
I shared a project I was working on...
Prayer~Hope~Wish Flags
Not that I use those words interchangeably
mind you.
The idea was to utilize the banners
in a meaningful way.
Since other projects started consuming
my time and energy
The Flags
were put on the back burner.
Then, after talking with my sister Sue
I concluded...
what better time than the new year to present them again?
And Here They Are!
Offered in a kit form.
A Family Project With Significance.
Is this the year you and your family hope to accomplish
something special...give to those who need...
pray for peace...
help others...get involved in your community?
Give your goal an artful expression
to reinforce what you hope to achieve together.
Is someone in your life celebrating
a special birthday or milestone?
Express good wishes with
pictures and messages designed
by those who love them most.
Give thanks!
Create a gratitude banner.

The kit contains everything you see here

plus instructions and ideas.

The only thing you need is your imagination

and some Sharpies.

10 salvaged fabric flags

(one is done for you)

with sewn casings, 10 muslin squares to draw on

(an extra is provided for an oops.),

vintage buttons to decorate your project,

floss in many colors, natural hemp to hang the finished project.

My hope...

that this project will unite your family

in a purpose bound with


Happy New Year!


Old Maid New.


  1. Always glad to nudge you in the right direction sis. I have another idea for when these could be used. I'll talk with you about it next time over coffee. Just don't let me forget I said this ;-)
    Happy snow day!

  2. This would be the perfect thing to sell...ON ETSY! Just sayin'. :) Love you! See you soon? ha ha!