Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Re-Thinking Pretty

Change is good.
We've heard it often enough
so it must be true.
Sometimes we make changes because
others ask it of us.
Last year, for instance...
I was asked to make some yoga mat carriers
for the shop
Harmony in Life
that were more androgynous.
Good addition.
Then...because I was tired of the
same ol' same ol' designing
I went a step further and got a bit
urban funky with it.
(see Aug 2011 The Mat Pack post)
Bottom line...they didn't sell...
not a one of 'em.
Lesson learned.
Turning to my stash of beautiful
Amy Butler
fabric scraps...thanks to sister Tina for thinking
of me when these bits and pieces
landed on her craft room floor...
and instead of tossing them
gave them to me because she was sure
I would find a use for them...
and here it is...
Back to the drawing board...or
as I call it...
the sewing machine.
With those awesome prints to guide me
I went back to my original
way of thinking...
make 'em pretty.
Same old (maid new) denim styling...
balanced with feminine
Yes...these jeans were used and abused.
Even had a few scars to prove it.
I borrowed a technique I
saw on my young nephew, Sam's jeans...
an inside patch!
How pretty is that?
A repair that
adds to the beauty of
the finished product.
Re-thinking pretty.
After all...
the customer knows best.


  1. Yep. Pretty sells every time. I'll tell Sam that his $5 blue jeans inspired you this week! He made you a super cute picture yesterday (it was so cute that I wanted to keep it!), and we're putting it in the mail for you soon.

  2. Ohhh...I can't wait...I love getting real mail and I know how wonderfully creative Sam can be with his drawings. Tell him I will be checking my mailbox every day with much anticipation until its arrival! Thanks for the inside scoop...much love to all!

  3. I love the 'new, old' mat carriers Jenny. After all, isn't that what Oldmaidnew is all about? Beauty and function. I love that thought. I will ponder those words for myself. Love, Susie xo