Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Today I am giving
the Handmade Gifts I received...
their day to shine in the spotlight.
Now I am not a gift snob.
I did receive some perfectly
lovely store bought gifts
as well.
But as a crafter, I know
the planning...gathering...
the doing of it...
all require
Precious time.
A glass globe ornament...
filled with lines from a
Christmas Carol...
each individualized...and chosen specifically
by the giver (my sweet mama)
that somehow sings
of the person who is to receive it...
Hark The Herald Angels Sing.
Because every chance I get
I find reason to sing
Glory To The Newborn King!
My niece, Jillian, began selling
these wonderful wreaths this
holiday season.
Everywhere we were...there she
would be...wrapping and designing...
to keep up on the demands
of selling and giving.
I confess...
I bought this one at
one of her shows.
That retro crafting just
makes my heart
Here is a corner from my dining room.
This little cabinet holds
all things sweet and lovely
to me.
If you look on the top shelf...
you will see one
of my sister, Mary's
one-of-a-kind cards.
This will change as I get one
of these lovelies
throughout the year.
Now it is showcasing
I loved the simplicity of this design.
Truly...little pieces of
My mom enjoys paper crafting
as well...
just yesterday this
"thank you"
arrived in the mail.
This is my thank-you for
the very thoughtful
thank-you, Mom.
One word...
Up next...
a gift for the family.
Sweet Baby James...
yeah, he's thirteen, but he
will always be my baby...
crafted a construction paper chain...
the traditional count-down
to Christmas.
Hung on a "walking stick" we acquired
on a trip up north
with Mary and Ed and Boys...
such great memories!
It made me oh, so very happy to see
that chain each and every day...
well, what we mothers already know...
time moves along...
sometimes too rapidly.
It is so important to
embrace each and every
Two links remain...
they will be added to our
tree trimming box
for next year...
dated and signed by the
my niece and great-niece...
God-daughter and Great-God-daughter...
Jessica and Paige,
made me these cute and functional
(gosh, how I love functional)
Holding this mornings
cup of coffee.
A snowflake pattern that will
see me through the winter months.
Knowing me...
will most probably be around all year!
There is nothing left to say...
Thank you...
each one of you...
from the
bottom of my crafty
I Love You, too.

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