Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crochet Mama :: My Gift To You

The Summer Beanie
A Hat Lovers Summertime Alternative
100% Cotton...100% Cute
Imagine my surprise when I opened a trendy
athletic catalogue that featured
a VERY similar style.
Coincidence...I don't think so!

One major difference...

the price.

There's $26...


And It's Made In America!

I can do one better...

I am going to share the pattern with you.

My free gift to you.

So you too can create your version of

"The Anna Hat"

OR my preferred name

"The Jenny Beanie"

Go grab yourself some cotton/combo

yarn (the combo works best

for memory) in coordinating colors.

And Let's Get Busy!

Chain 5. Join with a slip stitch (SS) to form ring.

Row One: Double Crochet (DC) 15 into circle. Join with a SS

Row 2: Chain 3. 2DC in each stitch around. Join with a SS at top of chain 3.

Row 3: DC in same stitch as SS. *1 DC in next, 2 DC* around.

Join with a SS to top of chain 3.

Row 4: Chain 3. DC in same stitch as SS *1 DC in next 2 stitches

2 DC in 3rd stitch * around. Join with SS.

(60 stitches around)

Row 5: Chain 3. 1 DC in each stitch around.

Continue until piece measures 15 Rows Total

Or to your personalized length.

Add stripes or other decorative touches

by switching colors where needed.

Darn All Ends.

If you have any questions...

feel free to contact me.

If you'd rather purchase one from me...

feel free to contact me.

Happy Hooking!

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