Thursday, June 9, 2011

Love Wins :: A Five Star Review

Love Wins
Rob Bell
A book that is getting a lot of hoopla.
Heaven and Hell
are apparently hot topics.
Is this the best book ever written on the subject?
Does Rob Bell answer all the BIG QUESTIONS?
Did I agree with everything that I read?
Did I disagree with everything?
Why the 5-Star Rating?
Any book that compels me to open
My Bible...
take notes, and question my understanding...
and thereby, in essence, fine-tune my own faith and beliefs...
deserves a Five Star Review.
It is no longer a question
of whether Rob Bell is
right or wrong...
it is a matter of personal growth.
Through delving and exploring The Word.
Take it one step further.
Broaden the scope to all who hear about, or
actually read the book.
Ultimately, it gets people talking about
I remember feeling this same way
after reading The Da Vinci Code.
Suddenly it was cool to discuss God and beliefs
with friends while out to dinner.
A vivid picture of friends engaged, drinking margaritas,
in an unlikely conversation
I gave that one a five star rating as well.
The Concordance...A Bible Dictionary...
Different Versions...NRSV...NIV...King James...
All were opened and explored.
When it comes down to it
my knowledge and understanding is a drop...
any man's knowledge and understanding is a drop...
in the ocean that is God.
Read it.
Then we'll talk!

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