Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Final Stretch :: Making Plans

Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone.
June has arrived and my thoughts
turn to summer.
We are on the final stretch of our
official homeschool calendar.
I say official because now is the time
to fully embrace and explore our interests.
AKA: Summer Enrichment
(But don't tell my boys that!)
In no particular order,
I hope to...
Speak Italian.
When I was in felt like home.
(I may be a blue-eyed blond,
but there must be a recessive Italian gene)
It only makes sense to
learn my native language!
I'm envisioning Italian nights...bella sera...
with Italian meals...italiano...
a little romance...romantico...
with a "non inglese" policy.
Dreaming Big.
During the homeschool year I read so often with the kids,
that I have little time for my personal
book list.
I have stacks around the house (all year long)
that I call my summer reading.
To read
during those long evenings at home...
while vacationing up north...sunbathing on a sandy beach...
whenever I feel like it!

(said in a nana-nana-boo-boo way!)
I'm going to read...and read...
and read some more!
The library is a favorite hang-out during the summer,
where I participate in the
adult summer reading program.
I was actually the BIG winner of last year's drawing...
A basket filled with gardening goodies.
Wish me luck this year...
better yet, join me!
Next up...

Playing my guitar...writing music...

while I'm at it...

maybe even writing that novel

I've been toying with.

Don't laugh!

A little known fact about myself...

I have a completed manuscript on disc.

At the moment it is sitting on a shelf collecting dust...but...

it is finished!

I just never got to that "get it published" stage.

I am open to the case an agent or

other publishing professional is reading this post.

Like I said...

Dreaming Big.

Back to The List:

Then again... I don't like calling it a list

because I enjoy a schedule free...easy-breezy summer...

Or at least the illusion of such.

Getting that bike out of my living room and

onto the pavement!

I always feel wild and free on my

Specialized Dolce!

Watching my garden grow.

Nothing is more satisfying than picking

fresh veggies from your own garden

and using the produce to feed those you love!

That's amore!

Creating new items for

Old Maid New...and maybe even for myself...

my family...

the world!

Which brings me to my final "hope to do" listing

for today anyway...

Finally opening that ETSY site I've--

up to this point--only talked about.

Etsy, for those who are not familiar,

is an online store where crafters and artists can sell

all things handmade.

That's ETSY...and you will be the first

(well, right after my family)

to hear about my Grand Opening...the

Hanging of my Shingle...

The Selling of my Wares to the World!

So ends the short dream list...

Above All...


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  1. Looks like a fun summer ahead! I think you got robbed of a summer last year, so I'm praying that you have a perfect summer experience this year! Enjoy!