Friday, June 3, 2011

Road Trip :: Indy

Noblesville, Indiana
To visit with my sister Mary and her family
Mom, Joe, and James
Mode of Transport
A four-door diesel Jetta
(Thanks, tank got us
there and back...with a 1/4 to spare!)
Our Beautiful Accommodations
The Kulczak Home!
Fresh and Clean for our Arrival The kitchen table with fresh-cut roses

With a sign above the door...
Referring to our hometown in Michigan...
(not an ordinance thank goodness!)
Mary's reminder to her husband, Ed
that her heart's desire lies in MI.
Even with a view like this!

Unpacked...Settled In...Time To Get Busy...

Her boys hung-out with mine...
The Women
Main Street Shopping.
The Highlights
The boys met up with us when their stomach's started growling. Rosie's Place A place for breakfast and lunch. Recommended! We filled their belly's and ours... re-energized for one more stop.
A "must-see" with every trip.
For the fun and funky.
Our True Reason For The Trip
John Ryan's High School Graduation.
My Favorite Pictures
Commemorating the Event
A Mom Fussing
For That Perfect Picture.
Congratulations, John...
We Love You.
One More Day...
One More Town With Quaint Shops.
Zionsville, Indiana.
The old buildings and romantic alleys
captured my imagination.
Wrought Iron Gates...
James took over as photographer.
Another Favorite
James and Sam Arm-in-arm.
Last Night Means Game Night.
Michigan Rummy...
Thanks (Ed and Rosebud, Luke, John, and Sam!) For The Memories.
Now Hurry Home.


  1. Loved your photos! Sam saw the photos from Rosie's Cafe and said "Hey, you went without me!" Busted! Had such a great time with all of you. Can't wait to come home soon! Love you all!

  2. Oops...tell Sam I owe him a lunch when he comes into town! We really had a wonderful visit. Thank you again for putting up with us. Love you.