Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Garden Art?

Garden art.
This picturesque scene can be found
at the Toledo Botanical Gardens...
and I don't think anyone
would disagree if I called it...
It's fun to tour friends and
neighbors yards to get a feel for their
artful expressions.
we're going to take a walk around
my garden.
That's a man's name!
An old wooden wagon
holding garden trays to be used
or returned to the garden center.
A rusty trike...
also serves as a hose guide. A "my man" made cuke trellis... a one-of-a-kind original. Tomatoes... in old (10 years) metal cages. A carved tree stump (circa 1998)... made into a sundial. This is truly a work of wonder designed and created by my nephew Mike Manore... who, in my opinion, should be doing this for a living! Weathering beautifully!
A gated milkweed community.
Monarchs Welcome!
This idea was presented in my newest read...
Modern Homestead
Grow, Raise, Create
Renee Wilkinson.
Utilizing garage and attic finds
to create an eclectic
container garden.
Not a statue...
our dog Zoe.
Always standing (or in this case lying)
More funky gardening.
Creating space for herbs, pole beans, and lettuce.
Right outside my back door.
I just love this piece of sculpture!
After only 3 days...
my lettuce spouted!
Can hardly wait for that yummy salad.
Same here...seeds really do grow.
This is my newest revelation.
More beans...
for making music.
"Rusting up" for a project I hope to work on
Little bird houses...all in a row.
Maybe that's why I've been getting visited
recently by the finches and blue jays...
they've been scoping out the real estate!
Each house was made/ given to me
by a family member.
Not your typical art.
But art none the less!
So ends my garden tour...
have a lovely day.
Find the "art" in your garten.


  1. Your gardens looked so beautiful! You've managed to give your yard the same shabby chic vibe that you've got inside the house...perfect! Sam and I enjoyed sitting on the porch swing and admiring your flowers. Thanks for all of the fun! Love you!

  2. No...thank you. You brought the fun. Come perch on my porch anytime. Love you too.