Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Perched On My Porch

Come Perch On My Porch...
The old adage on a country sign-post
that my Mom just loved.
As I recall, one of those she passed-on at the time
and regretted not buying many times over.
Her yard is a bird sanctuary...so it just made sense.
My yard on the other hand,
is filled with boys on bikes and quads...
barking dogs and roaming cats.
The desperate sparrow will occasionally
stop at my feeder for a quick nibble
before heading to Mom's.
imagine my delight
when I looked outside my open window
(while talking on the phone to Sue, no less)
and saw this...
A Sweet Yellow Finch had stopped to say hello.

My voice didn't frighten him.

In fact, he seemed intrigued with me.

Not nearly as intrigued as I was with him.

(Not to be sexist...the bright yellow one is the male)

I left for a moment...

and got an even sweeter surprise...

He brought a friend

to introduce to me.

They hung around for a while... before flying on with their day.

Such a joy...

right outside my open window.

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