Monday, June 11, 2012

front porch viewing

Weather Forecast:

So when I came home from
church I didn't
expect to see my guy
deep in project

directly in the heat of the sun. 

When I have a vision...
he has the knack
of bringing it to

This idea of mine came from
one of laziness...
wouldn't a cut through to the
garden be nice
so I don't have to walk
around the fence each day to

While we're at it...
can't we make it

Mine is a front yard garden
after all.

I doused him in
strong SPF and
kept him hydrated with
switched to
lemonade when I
noticed a few cuts go awry.

Armed with pictures of
my sister, Mary's
arbor on my phone...
to answer questions like...
How high should it be?
Go to photo gallery.
How do you want the ends cut?
Gallery again.
What about the...?
You get the picture.
Too bad I didn't include it here!

Grabbin shade on the front porch
where a variety of
onlookers sat during the day
to watch the action.

The constantly changing
I found myself saying...

It's going to look so nice
decorated at

It came along fast...
especially from my shady
front porch
viewing spot.


Very cool details.

Poor Josh showed up and
was recruited to
lend a hand.

I felt a lot like
Troy here...
asking myself questions like...
Why are we doing this now
when this area is in shade in
just 2 short hours?

I found out the hard way
that it isn't wise to ask such
questions when
the workers are hot and sweaty...
they get a bit testy
with their one word responses.

I saw it
in my mind's eye...

my sweet guy made it
come to life!

Isn't this the stuff of
romance novels?

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  1. It looks awesome! Personally, I don't think there's anything more romantic than a man in project mode. :)