Wednesday, June 20, 2012

roadside stands

None better
in my opinion
than this baby...

Tucker's Farm
located on W. Temperance Road
in the town with
the same name.

Offering daily produce
 picked or pulled that very day
fresh from the field.
A sign by the road
will tell you what is 

Enticing me to pull-in and
plan what's
for dinner.
Now we're talking
real local.  

Proudly displaying their
badge of
Congratulations, Tucker's.
And thank you.

On this particular day
were advertised.
I loved those Babycakes
scones so much
I wanted...needed...

After pulling my Jeep off-road ...
I took the
 short walk
to the

where I was greeted

self-serve signs...

with pricing...


and instructions
for payment...

with clearly
written directions...

and visuals
to assist.

Only in
small town

Where the honor system
is alive and

This just pulls at my heart
in a big way.

Thank you
Tucker Farmers
for placing
your trust in me.

I'm the one who paid
in pennies.
(I was low on cash, but had to
have those


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  1. I was a good friend with their daughter, Kelly! We were chair mates in band for years. (Yeah, last and second to last chair clarinet, no doubt!) Kelly's parents built the house on the left of the farm, and her grandparents lived in the old house on the right. Sweet family! They used to have a great selection of pumpkins in the fall, too! (And always used the honor system, which I love, too!)