Thursday, June 14, 2012

he gets me

Here he is
heading off to work...
but first
let's check on
the rain barrel.

One of my Mother's Day gifts.

Installed about two weeks
after that.

A green alternative...
why would we continue
to pay for water
to feed the plants and allow
the rain to pour out of
the downspouts onto

Let's tap into that
natural resource!

Take a look inside...

what timing...
right to the tippity top!

Thirsty plants...
here I come.

I wish I would have counted
how many trips I made
back and forth...
next time.

I can say the wait to fill 'er up
is much faster here than at
the end of the

Watered everything
I normally do...

Not a huge area...
just right.

Making pit stops
for the

I swear the plants
were smiling
at me.

My newest creation...
a tire rim
rusted out
just how I like it.

This stop had me catching
the sweetest smell
on the breeze.

Another reason for
encouraging milkweed to grow
in your yard...

The blossoms are as sweet
as lilac.

Life bursting forth
all around

When all was well watered
and husband was
probably busy at his desk...

I finished with
another peek...
curious as to how much water
I really use in a day.

That's a lot of water!

That's a lot of

This message is fully endorsed
by our sponsor...

Old Maid New.

A rain barrel...
it just makes

1 comment:

  1. If I had a rain barrel, it would be bone dry for more than a month now. Trying my best to keep plants alive with minimal watering. Looks like that Farmer's Almanac was right about the dry summer (but maybe not the cool part!). Love ya!