Wednesday, June 27, 2012

way of the wind

i found this rusty
while on a bike ride.

i pulled over to read
the free sign and
proceeded to
call home for some
pick-up assistance.

it was the first time
i had my cell phone with me...
some might call it

the owner walked over
to talk with me...
she said that it needed
some tlc
instead they decided to replace it ...

she was happy it
was going home with
someone who appreciated
it as much as she did...
and quote...
not to some metal scrappers!

I didn't have the heart to
tell her that
i was one of those...
i didn't have to
since i knew this
was going to find
new life...
in my yard.

my handy man
gave it some
rudy love
and now it
spins in the wind
like a happy

a few questions
still remain...
should i paint it
or leave it
with all its glorius
wear and tear?

where or where
should it
and catch the breeze?

here or there?
my garden or the community garden?

until each option is
fully weighed...
to exhaustion!
sorry family...

my man put it where
he thought it

in our front yard...

with the rest
of my rusty

once again
i saw it
in my mind's eye...

and my man
made the
a reality.

it's the way of things...

the way of the wind.

thank you, babe.

1 comment:

  1. Oh be quiet. You KNOW where that beautiful old wind mill is going (or should I say staying), right there where it belongs, in your front yard vegetable garden. It's okay that it doesn't go to the community garden. It's being loved and treasured, as it should be - right there. Love, your community co-farmer x