Monday, June 4, 2012

"i'm feeling very into sisters right now"

The Old Mill Festival
Noblesville, Indiana
circa 2012

A reason to visit our
sister, Mary
(like we need one of those!)

First stop
The Farmer's Market

We are of like thinking
when it comes to supporting local artists
and fellow saponification sisters.

Without intention
my camera was filled
with my favorite booths of the day.
Oh there were many deserving
honorable mentions...

but my lens lingered on those
I liked best.

Case in point...

Body Eclectic Skin Care

your one stop
for unusual
lotions and potions...
and friendly conversation
with artist
Jess Walton

I say artist
because she has taken soap making
to new heights...
with "out of the soap box" fragrances
and designing...the soaps
looked as if they were on the
verge of seizing
(usually not a good scenario)
which gave them a raw
organic look.

Goofy confession...
I had just purchased some soap
the day before...
I make my own soap...
how much soap does one need?

I regret
just a little
that I left without
more soap!

On with our day.

Downtown Noblesville
with its quaint shops
and pretty small town

Where vendors lined
the closed main street.


crafts...and art

Here is another
booth that caught my eye.

When the displays
look this good
you just know there's
gotta be a
shop location as well.

Carmel Design
Heather Martin
will "dress your rooms in style."

I still can't believe
that twine holder
didn't make it home with
one of us...

interesting textures...
a MI pillow

and more

Speaking of cute...

I caught sister and fellow
getting her shot
to blog about...

So much to blog
so little

Grabbed a salad
at Rosie's Cafe...
it was tough for a newbie vegan
to stay on track while
out of town
I made it happen 
with sisters to support me...
and a cooler
packed with go-to stash.

More shopping.

More laughing.

More buying.

Parked it on Mary's couch
around 10pm
with a true chick-flick-sisters-favorite
Practical Magic.

Talk about your perfect endings!

Full moons
and magic...

that's what it's like with sisters.

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  1. I was thinking the same thing about the twine holder! It was a great weekend- thanks for capturing it in words and pictures. I am ready to plan the next one. Love.