Wednesday, June 6, 2012

once in a lifetime

Sounds like the title of a
romance novel

but in this case I am
referring to
the celestial happening
that I first read about in my
Farmer's Almanac.

The Transit of Venus
(a more interesting romance
title...don't you think?)

If you're looking for a good read
might I recommend
The Farmer's Almanac
it is loaded with fun anecdotes and ideas that
will keep the family
entertained and educated
all year long.

It's my newest favorite.

Back to...
the transit of Venus.

A transit is much like an eclipse
but it is the term used
when the foreground body
is smaller than the
background body.

I learned that from
my handy-dandy
Farmer's Almanac

I packed up the boys and
we headed to
The University of Toledo
to witness the event
that won't happen again
until the year
(an Almanac fact)

Others were interested as well.
AKA...we waited in line
which meant people watching.

If you look at the above pic...
notice the little girl
thinking about it...

then below...
doing it!

I told Joe he met his match!

As I was looking
around James informed
me that he saw
my brother Tim in attendance.

I texted him and sure enough...
he and his daughter Katie
were right behind us in line.

Tim is an astronomy geek.

Wouldn't you know it...
as soon as we entered the viewing
room the buildings
obscured the imaging!

We watched it live...
from Hawaii.

Here's Tim getting the shot
before me!

Thar she blows!

My guys were like...
"We came to see that little black spec
on the screen?!"

One day they will thank me.

But wait!
There's more.

Outside there were stations set-up
to view the
transit as it reflected on paper.

Where Tim told me the story
of a little boy who asked the staff
if it is true
that if you look at the sun long
enough it can burn your


The savvy college student answered with...
well I guess...
if you stared at it long enough.

I would have added:
it could probably burn

LOL again...

I bet there was an anatomy
lesson on the ride home for that

Tim getting in the way...

Got my shot...
so cool.

A station for the
tots to watch
the action.

The Sunspotter...
a cool little gadget
that I told Tim (another tool man)
he should build for his (and my)

Here he is getting
his close-up...

Here's mine!

I told Joe and James
that one day
they will be able to tell
their children and grandchildren
how they saw this once in a lifetime
and they have their mom
to thank for it!

They were like...
"No...we had a good time...
there were a lot of hot
college girls."

Ah...and so it begins.

Went home
and guess what...
found you could view it all live
via the computer link to NASA.

I much prefer getting
out there under
the sky
with fellow dreamers...
students of life!

This moment was brought to you by...
The Farmer's Almanac.

Pick one up at your
local hardware


  1. That was the funniest thing I've heard in a long time! I woke up Sam with my laughing! Loved the photos...we felt like we were there. You did all the work so we didn't have to! LOl

  2. I owed you one for doing my homework yesterday! you too.