Thursday, June 28, 2012


I enetered a giveaway
hundreds were vying for the
there can only be one

Any guess who won?

Lil ol' me!
That's who!

Eyes Open Creative Photography

with our host
Erin Wallace.

Here I am viewing the Week 1

Yeah, I said syllabus.
After reading the first lesson
my head hurt
just a bit.

My brain is on
summer break...

I will be reading and re-reading
until a morsel

But that will have to wait...
with baby sister Mary in town
there was fun to
be had.

I'll pack the camera...
doing instead of studying

All packed in big sister, Tina's
plush Caddy
(when you own the nicest car you always
get driving duty...I'm
holding onto my Jeep forever!)
we headed to Tecumseh, MI
about 1 hour north
of our hometown area.

British Tea Garden
for lunch and crumpets
and a spot of

It's true what they say...
backdoor guests are
the best.

Seated at our table
as our waitress
with a cute short haircut
(where's that pic?)
prepared our teas...
my choice
a rooibos
Ginger Pepper Orange

Very nice and mild...

browsed the shop while mom
paid the tab...

Thanks, mom.
Or is it mum?

Saw this window seat
and thought...
next time.

What can I say...
we are lovers of our land
you can travel anywhere...
as long as its
not far from home...

Even vacation plans
land us in our
beautiful state...
going up north for
our late July vacation...
where the temps are cool and breezy
and the beaches would
have Florida blushing!

This ad has been brought
to you by
The Michigan Tourist Association.

What a rude interruption...
back to our daytrip.

Where Mary is riding the hump...
see where being the baby lands you!
She's showing me
her pretty floss
choices in variegated
planning a lovely cross stitch

Caught in a minor road
delay got us to dreaming
of opening
a shop of our very own...
a sister's fantasy.

This house would be
perfect with a little

hang our shingle and
the masses will

A long day that
ended with a family
picnic at Vienna Park
packing pizza
corn hole
and hours of chasing
my little girls
around the monkey bars.

When I dropped them off
at home
the skyline was calling
for a photo...
a red barn in the foreground...
come on!
it doesn't get any better...

I swear that's a barn...
trust me.

Take two.
Maybe if you enlarge the
picture you can see
what I'm talking about.
Damn it!
I know my camera has a setting
that will capture
this moment.

Fuss with camera
to no avail.

Kierstin you look so
let me take your picture...
pretty please!

Now sit very still this
time because that one
was a bit blurry.


Trust me.
She is adorable.

Back to the books...
I got some learnin to do.

(Erin's got her work cut out for her!)


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  1. Congrats on winning! That's pretty cool.

    I love the British Tea Garden... looks like an awesome spot (and I just love tea in old china)... makes it extra special.